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Morgan Utah MapMorgan City is the only incorporated city in Morgan County. Morgan City is located on both the east and west sides of the Weber River and is in about the middle of the county. The river forms the dividing line between north and south Morgan. Interstate I-84 is a major east-west highway that passes through the north Morgan section. The elevation is 5,080 feet, which provides a short growing season and cool nights in the summer. The city’s boundaries contain 1,366 acres of land, which were primarily used for agriculture in the early years of settlement.

Currently Morgan City has one major grocery store, a bank, a drug store, several convenience stores and service stations, two wood companies, several eateries, two car dealerships (one of which is the oldest continuous family-owned dealership in the state), two hardware stores, and other businesses that provide needed services to the citizens. Morgan City Corporation owns and operates its own power, water and sewer systems.

Located along the banks of the Weber River is Riverside Park. It is an attractive, spacious park providing picnic facilities, a baseball diamond, and a theatrical pavilion.

Many of Morgan’s citizens work outside the county, but agriculture continues to be of major importance to Morgan City. At one time, it had thirteen mink ranches and several dairy farms located within its boundaries.

General Facts and Information

Morgan is a city in Morgan County, in the Ogden-Clearfield metro area.

The latitude of Morgan is 41.036N. The longitude is -111.676W. Elevation is 5,069 feet.
The estimated population, in 2003, was 2,711.
Morgan is at the mouth of the Weber Canyon.

Nearby parks & recreation: East Canyon State Park

Median resident age: 27.4 years
Median household income: $47,716 (year 2000)
Median house value: $156,700 (year 2000)

The Wasatch Mountains are on both sides of the county with the Weber River flowing from east to west through the valley. The Weber Canyon opens on the east and northwest sides of the county. There are thirteen tributary creeks that flow into the river as it wends it way through the canyon on the way to the Great Salt lake.