Learn about Lindon, Utah. Below you can find community information, including vital statistics, information on local schools as well as resources for finding real estate listings and homes for sale in Lindon.

Lindon Utah MapLindon is a mile-long hamlet in northeastern Utah County stretching from the foothills on the east to Utah Lake on the west. It is bisected by U.S. 89, or State Street. Lindon borders Orem to the south, Pleasant Grove to the north, Utah Lake to the west, and Mount Timpanogos to the east.

Much like Pleasant Grove, Lindon’s economy has shifted away from sole agricultural output and attracted larger commercial development to the area; Home Depot, Canopy Group, and other technology and auto dealerships have moved into prime Lindon real estate bordering Interstate 15.

The city is a mixture of orchards, businesses, and residences and is dotted with sturdy homes built around the turn of the century. Like most of the cities in Utah County, Lindon is family-oriented. Of its 1,935 households, 1,676 are headed by married couples.

Lindon is a fast growing community. Its population more than doubled during the past 10 years, and its average annual rate of change for 1990 to 2000 was 8.2%. With an average household size of 4.27, Lindon’s households are much larger than the county’s average.

Statistics & Facts

  • The population of Lindon is approximately 9,015 (2002).
  • The approximate number of families is 902 (1990).
  • The amount of land area in Lindon is 21.834 sq. kilometers.
  • The amount of surface water is 0.486 sq kilometers.
  • Lindon is positioned 40.34 degrees north of the equator and 111.71 degrees west of the prime meridian.