Learn about Green River, Utah. Below you can find community information, including vital statistics, information on local schools as well as resources for finding real estate listings and homes for sale in Green River.

Green River Utah MapGreen River is a small isolated community in the center of a huge recreation area located in Emery County. Emery County is known as Castle Country Utah, with a landscape peppered by great monolithic buttes which dominate the landscape of the San Rafael Swell. Along its eastern flank, the Book Cliffs rise 2000 feet above the valley floor. On the Western edge of the county, the Wasatch Plateau rises similarly above the valley floor, creating a dramatic backdrop to the towns.

The center of the county is taken by the immense, rugged and remote San Rafael Swell. The San Rafael is truly a national treasure, with thousands of opportunities for adventure. From wilderness to ATV trails and from horseback riding to mountain bike trails, you are sure to find a great back country experience.