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Blanding Utah

Perched on White Mesa near Blue Mountain in southeastern Utah, the town of Blanding sits at the southern end of the Great Sage Plain. Documented Anasazi occupation of this site extends to as early as A.D. 600, with dwellings being constructed as late as the early 1200s. Archaic Indian sites that far predate this period also exist at the foot of White Mesa. Utes and an occasional Navajo also camped in this area because of the water from local springs and seeps. Before the town was built, Navajos called the location “Sagebrush,” because of that plant’s luxuriant growth that swept through the pinyon and junipers to the base of the mountain.

Blanding Utah Map

According to the 1990 census, Blanding has a population of 3,162 people, over a third of whom are enrolled in some type of educational program. The College of Eastern Utah – San Juan Campus, established in 1977, provides a number of two-year degrees to an average of 500 students per year, half of whom are Native Americans. Many area people today refer to Walter C. Lyman’s vision and believe it is still unfolding.

Blanding, Utah can really get a grip on you, that’s for sure. Twisty redrock canyons drenched in ever shifting light. Drifting down the San Juan River in a rubber raft. Elk bugling among aspen in the fall. Mysterious Anasazi ruins perched high in sand-stone walls. A breath-taking view that sweeps in the landmarks of four different states. Stars so close you can almost pluck them from the sky.