Learn about American Fork, Utah. Below you can find community information, including vital statistics, information on local schools as well as resources for finding real estate listings and homes for sale in American Fork.

American Fork Utah

Perhaps no community catches the spirit of Utah more than American Fork. Tenderly balancing the small-town it was founded on and the big-city job opportunities, American Fork is enjoying steady growth in industry and population.

Fifteen miles northwest of Provo, American Fork stretches from the South Wasatch Range on the east to Utah Lake on the south. Interstate 15, US Highway 89, and State Highway 74 are all main thoroughfares through this community of nearly 22,000 (2003 Census).American Fork is home to such companies as Dentrix Dental Systems, Twin Labs and Symantec – is a progressive business development close to I-15. Other businesses are choosing to relocate to this community that offers a quality workforce and a quality way of life.

Although there are over fifty Latter-day Saint congregations in American Fork and one of the Church’s 120-plus temples is located in the community, American Fork is also religiously diverse, with Presbyterian, Catholic, and Jehovah’s Witness congregations in the city.

American Fork Utah Map

With only 35 percent of the population older than 35 years, American Fork is also home to many young families.

For a true celebration, come to American Fork during Steel Days. Parades, cooking contests, dances and golf tournaments are just some of the events held during the celebration each summer.

The city takes its name from the American Fork River. It has been called McArtursville and Lake City.


Education is very important in American Fork. Our schools are located in the Alpine School District. We currently have 7 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and 2 senior high schools. We also have 1 special education school, which provides educational opportunities to students both physically and mentally handicapped.

Test scores of students in the Alpine School District continue to be competitive with or exceed those of students nationally. American Fork High School Marching Band is rated number one in the state of Utah and continues to receive numerous honors and recognition.

  • Alpine School District, 575 North 100 East (801) 756-8400
  • American Fork High School, 510 North 600 East (801) 756-8547
  • Lone Peak High School, 10189 North 4800 West, Highland, UT 84003 (801) 763-7050
  • American Fork Junior High School, 1120 North 20 West (801) 756-8543
  • Mountain Ridge Junior High School, 5525 West 10400 North Highland, UT 84003 (801) 763-7010
  • Alpine Elementary, 300 North 400 East, Alpine, UT 84004 (801) 756-8525
  • Barratt Elementary, 168 North 900 East (801) 756-8528
  • Forbes Elementary, 281 North 200 East (801) 756-8531
  • Greenwood Elementary, 50 East 200 South (801) 756-8534
  • Legacy Elementary, 28 East 1340 North (801) 756-8565
  • Highland Elementary, 10865 North 6000 West, Highland, UT 84003 (801) 756-8537
  • Shelley Elementary, 602 North 200 West (801) 756-8540
  • Westfield Elementary, 380 South Long Drive, Alpine, UT 84004 (801) 763-7040
  • Utah State Developmental Center, 895 North 900 East (801) 763-4110
  • Dan Peterson School, 169 North 1100 East (801) 756-8551
  • American Heritage School (Private), 736 North 1100 East (801) 642-0055
  • Ensign School (Private), 215 North Center (801) 492-1344

General Facts and Information

Population: 21,941 (2000 cenus) Projected Population in 2005: 27,000
Incorporated: June 4, 1853
Median Age: 24.9
Largest Employer: Alpine School District (6,213)